Seeds Or Weeds - Which Comes First?

With a later seeding season upon us, many canola growers are asking what their priority should be: seeds or weeds? As soon as the snow clears, many farmers will be rushing to their precision technology to begin planting seeds, but without sufficient weed control, the benefits of top seed genetics and fertility rates are wasted. Experts are recommending that farmers use a pre-seed burnoff to get rid of weeds before they have a chance to develop.


When should herbicide be applied?

When the snow finally clears, farmers should begin to examine their fields to identify the type and rate of advancement of weeds. Seeding can begin 24 hours after the burnoff for annuals and winter annuals and 72-120 hours depending on the weather for perennial weeds. In order to maximize herbicide efficacy, application should be done when the weed is undergoing biological activity. Herbicide application should be done on warm sunny days when the weeds are actively growing. If application occurs on cool days, biological activity in the weed will stop, and the herbicide will not be active in the weed.


Is spraying in cold conditions better than delaying spraying for another week?

Experts say that farmers should wait the week, even if it does mean that weeds have grown. Ideally, at least two warm days with lows of 4 degrees Celsius or higher should be present before spraying. If growers decide to seed before spraying, it is recommended that herbicide be applied post-seeding, pre-emergence to mitigate weed risks. For more information on seeding and spraying application, click here

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