Agricultural Tourism Growing In Alberta

Farmers in Alberta are discovering a new way to generate revenue and interest from consumers. By opening up their farms to the public for paid tours and events, farm owners are turning consumer curiosity into profitability.

Open Farm Days

The first annual Open Farm Days will take place in Alberta on August 24th and 25th. This free two-day event will be a chance for the public to visit local farms and ranches and take part in festivities that include corn mazes, horse rides, honey and winery tours, interaction with animals, crafts, picking of fresh produce and farm-to-table culinary events with local chefs. While this event is free to the public, many farms are using it as a dry run for future paid events.

Building The Connection

It’s no surprise that the public is becoming more curious about where their food comes from. With the growing use of precision farming techniques, many people are losing connections with they food they eat. Open Farm Days is a welcome event for reconnecting with our farming roots. The growing emphasis on farm-to-table, local and organic eating is leading the public to be more interested in the origin of their meals. Trusting big box stores for produce, meat and dairy selections are becoming a thing of the past. Showing children how food is produced first hand is also a valuable educational tool for many parents.

Recuperating Losses

A boom in agricultural tourism would be welcome in Alberta, where many farmers are looking to recuperate some losses from the recent devastating flooding. In addition to the revenue generated by the tours themselves, consumers are more likely to see crops and other products from farms that they feel a personal connection with.
To learn more about the free Open Farm Days event, click here.

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