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Agricultural Tourism Growing In Alberta

Farmers in Alberta are discovering a new way to generate revenue and interest from consumers. By opening up their farms to the public for paid tours and events, farm owners are turning consumer curiosity into profitability.

Sclerotinia Stem Rot In Canola

Sclerotinia stem rot is one of the most common diseases of canola on the Prairies. This pathogenic fungus can cause great loss when conditions are favourable. Conditions such as temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture will affect the risk of the disease and the rate of development. With the recent precipitation in the Prairies, farmers should take extra care when scouting for Sclerotinia. Th...

How Has The Southern Alberta Flood Affected Crop Producers?

The current flood situation in southern Alberta has been called the worst flooding event in the history of the western province. It is estimated that damages exceed $400 million and three deaths have been reported. Apart from this devastating event displacing tens of thousands of Albertans, the flood waters have left many farmers’ fields flooded. Although the majority of flooding was concent...

Blackleg Disease: How Can You Prevent It From Destroying Your Canola Crop?

In the early 1970’s, blackleg disease was responsible for destroying the entire canola industry. Unfortunately, once the symptoms of blackleg disease are present, yield loss has already occurred. However, with today’s technology crop producers are able to mitigate the risk that this disease presents to canola crops. There are two types of blackleg

Which Precision Tools Provide The Most Value?

A recent AgProfessional survey found that 83% of farmers believed that in the next 5 years, growers will increase their precision application capabilities for fertilizer and pesticides.

How Saturated Soils Affect Corn Yield

Will saturated soils be a detriment to corn crops later in the season? When water saturation is high early in the season, corn crops could see immediate negative effects carrying late into the season. The major issue with plants in saturated soil is that photosynthesis is greatly reduced. This is due to the fact that cool soil temperatures and lack of oxygen halt root growth and leaf expansion.

Precision Agriculture – What Needs to Change?

We recently found an article on PrecisionAg.com that we thought was really interesting. An Illinois farmer named John Reifsteck, who was admittedly one of this first in the industry to dabble with pr...

Seeds Or Weeds - Which Comes First?

With a later seeding season upon us, many canola growers are asking what their priority should be: seeds or weeds?