Enhancing The Agriculture Industry Through Nanotechnology

The rise of nanotechnology has provided a myriad of benefits for farmers. Monitoring plant-related disease threats, soil conditions and crop growth are just a few benefits of this GPS-connected system. In the future, nanotechnology will continue to improve nutrient absorption in plants to provide greater yields.

Rather than using pesticides, nanotech-enabled systems can provide an early detection system to prevent and cure health issues in plants. This system has the ability to detect disease before the farmer is aware of it. Along with this, nanotechnology allows for a closely monitored delivery of chemicals to plants.



Effects on Food Market

Nanotechnology can extend past the farmer’s field and into the food market. Using this system for food packaging can allow for microbial detection, extending the shelf life of many common food products. “Nanocapsules” can also be added into food products in order to increase the absorption of nutrients into the human body, allowing for safe, nutrient-rich additives as well as an extended shelf life.

Some recent innovations in nanotechnology have been seen in African agriculture. The first is a nanoparticle-lined plastic bag, which reacts with oxygen to allow African farmers to preserve their vegetables longer. A similar design has been done for milk containers in order to prolong freshness.

As technology continues to be developed, the benefits of the use of nanotechnology in precision agriculture will continue to unfold. Environmental preservation, increased efficiency of food production and reduced pesticide are just a few ways in which nanotech-enabled systems can change the agricultural sector for the better.

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