How To Reduce Energy Expenditure On The Farm

As the emphasis on sustainable agriculture continues to expand, experts are discovering a multitude of ways to reduce energy expenditure on the farm.

With an increase in population requiring ever-greater output with decreased resources, maximizing energy expenditure is a common goal for agricultural workers. There are a few ways that farmers can decrease their energy use in agricultural production.

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Get an Audit..

Before you begin adjusting your energy output, it’s a good idea to get an energy audit. This is one of the best ways to analyze how to reduce your energy output. The audit can help you understand where you can make the biggest differences in your energy use.

Choose Equipment Wisely..

Older farm equipment is generally less energy efficient than newer models. Although upfront costs may be something of a deterrent when purchasing new equipment, the overall decrease in operating costs will offset the initial costs within a year. If you aren’t able to invest in new equipment, make sure your older equipment is cleaned and maintained. This alone can save you up to 40 percent in energy costs.

More Info..

There are many other simple adjustments that can help you lower your energy output. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture has a comprehensive list which includes sealing windows with weather stripping, ensuring your equipment tires are properly inflated, and maximize natural ventilation in your barns whenever possible. For the complete list of farm energy saving tips, click here.

By maximizing on-farm energy efficiency, you can reduce costs in the long run and create more sustainable operations into the future. Farm production does take large amounts of energy, but there are many options to reduce this expenditure, on both a small and large scale.

How do you reduce your energy expenditure on the farm? How has precision agriculture made your farm more efficient? Let us know on our Twitter page!

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