Maximizing Nitrogen Application To Crop Return

A new tool is being developed to help farmers calculate the optimum nitrogen rates in soil. This tool is facilitated through a free Smartphone app called the Maximum Return to Nitrogen (MRTN) calculator. It calculates the optimal nitrogen application rate to corn, in order to maximize crop return.

 precision farming app 

How it Works..

Nutrient stewardship is emphasized by the promotion of the 4 Rs of precision farming. The right source, right rate, right time and right place are facilitated through the Smartphone app. The app takes the region’s recommended nitrogen rate, chosen from ammonia, 28% or dry nitrogen. Then, applications are split between fall, pre-plant, and post-applied. Stabilizers are added in, and the corresponding application costs are then shown.

The app can save previous recommendation summaries for future reference. The ability of the app to split applications will help maximize flexibility. This means that the investment in nutrients will be maximized, as well as potential losses being reduced.

The development of this app promotes research and education in order to benefit agriculture.

Get the App..

  • PRICE: It is free and available for both Apple and Android systems. 
  • DESCRIPTION: "The Maximum Return To Nitrogen (MRTN) calculations combine the agronomics of nitrogen rate research and the realities of economic fluctuations to provide a customized nitrogen rate."
  • RELEASED: Sep 18, 2012

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