How Farmers Can Use Google Earth With Precision Agriculture

Precision ag can benefit from Google Maps

Farmers have a tool that can help them get a unique perspective of their farmland and help them with their precision agriculture efforts. The interesting thing about this tool is that most farmers already have free access to it without even knowing.

The tool we’re talking about is Google Earth. You may have used Google Earth before to find your way to a friend’s house, but this tool can be used along side your other precision agriculture tools to take your field maps a step further.

Google Earth brings something to the table that other mapping programs currently lack – it allows for soil data to be studied in context with the map. It also allows farmers to get a larger perspective of their farmland and visually connect the topography with the aspects of their farmland that they are familiar with.

Google Earth’s interactive capabilities allow the user to create content once they download the program. This feature could allow farmers to add in information about nutrient and water management to create their own custom map of their farmland. They can also share files about their farmland with the farmhands and precision agriculture consultants that they work with. The best way to use Google Earth is to incorporate its mapping capabilities with an existing precision agriculture program.

What do you think about Google Earth? Have you used it to get an in-depth look at your farmland yet? Sound off on our precision ag Facebook and Twitter! To learn more about Google Earth in relation to precision agriculture, read the article here.

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