Taking A Closer Look At Roots and Precision Agriculture

As the world population expands and unpredictable weather patterns emerge, innovative precision agriculture technologies are necessary to remedy the situation. Scientists at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have developed a new three-dimensional imaging system and software package that will revolutionize the way farmers manage roots. This technology has the ability to analyze and compare root systems in agricultural crops to allow scientists to identify genes that control root development traits.


 precision agriculture roots

Know Your Roots..

Roots are essential to overall crop health, and the ability to analyze them is crucial for abundant crop yields. The new technology allows scientists to compare different root systems and identify traits that allow roots to move into the soil and absorb nutrients and water.

These recent advances in technology give scientists the ability to capture more than 100 root system images a day, allowing for genetic mapping experiments. With the increased image capturing ability, this information will allow scientists to develop crops that are more resistant to drought, heat and poor soil conditions.

New Technology..

The new technology has the ability to analyze roots in extreme detail, allowing scientists to continue to make crops more resilient to environmental factors. There are many factors affecting the health of crops, and applying new root analyzing technology to these crops can greatly impact the yield achieved.

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