Precision Agriculture Use Growing in North America

Last year saw an increase of precision agriculture usage and it seems 2013 is continuing the trend. It’s no surprise more farmers are turning to this advanced technology to increase their farm efficiency and increase their profits. Continual advances in precision technology also mean that the prices for the equipment have gone down. Many farmers are also using social media and online publications to educate themselves on the benefits of making this investment for their farms.
The largest audience for precision agriculture is farmers between the ages of 25 and 40. Many of these farmers have been formally educated in agriculture and farm management. As a result, they really see the need to use technology to assist with their planting, fertilizing, spreading and tilling. The first step to understanding precision agriculture is learning how it can help the individual needs of specific farms and work with farmers’ existing equipment to decrease costs. Farmers in this age group are very active on social media sites and online forums where they share their success stories and have discussions about precision technology.
Widespread drought in 2012 is another reason more farmers than ever are looking to precision agriculture as the most viable solution for their farms. In the U.S. and Canada, dry summer conditions caused many farmers to take a hard hit on profits last year, which makes financial success this season even more important.
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