Revolutionizing Agriculture With Precision Technology

As precision agriculture continues to expand, the farming industry is becoming more efficient in farming practices. Precision technology allows for more cost-effective and environmentally friendly practices due to the extensive systems it is composed of. These systems have capabilities such as analyzing the optimal amount of fertilizer to be used in the right part of the field.

precision agriculture new technology

The Latest Technology

One of the newest technologies includes a GPS system that maps out the perimeter of a farmer’s field. This system is installed in a farming machine, and the GPS equipment allows the machine to drive itself. Along with controlling physical movement, machines have been designed with the ability to analyze texture and chemical conditions of the soil. This allows for the accurate application of a specific fertilizer, chemical, or seed.

Increasing Crop Growth Efficiency

The use of precision agriculture allows for more efficient crop growth and corresponding yield, easy access to field condition information, and the optimization of farm machinery. Because of this, precision technology is quickly becoming integrated on farms for the benefit of the farmer, as well as the end consumer. Decreasing costs and increasing profitability is a key component in creating sustainable agriculture, and precision technology is leading the way.

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Echelon AG Inc. is redefining how you farm by utilizing today’s science and technology to maximize your bushels per acre on your land. Our agronomic specialists will analyze your fields with high resolution satellite imagery to determine your crops yield potential and develop a customized fertilizer plan. Using our Precision VRT platform, Echelon Connect telemetry and Level One farm data management systems, we enable you to accurately apply your own variable rate fertilizer and make better management decisions for your farm.

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