Three Major Trends In Farming Technology

How will agricultural technology change in the future? The current state of the world population and the level of food production require technology in agriculture to increase at a rapid pace. As technology continues to expand, there are a few major trends that are emerging.

farming technology

First of all, farmers will need to stay educated on new agricultural development. Farming Smartphone Apps now have the ability to regulate many tasks that farmers previously had to do manually. Research in agriculture is also being done to find more efficient ways to grow crops while minimizing the effects of weather and pests.

The next trend is around the automation of farming tasks. Apart from the benefits of precision technology, more automated techniques are allowing farmers to send a machine into the field to spray their crops, plant seeds, and spread fertilizers. More efficient farming practices will help to reduce the costs of farming in the long term.

The last trend is the increase of metrics for evaluating crop yield. Calculator tools for tracking of greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and assessment of crop risk are helping farmers identify crops that offer them the highest and most sustainable yield.

These trends aim to offer a more sustainable approach to farming.

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