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What is Precision Agriculture?

Precision agriculture is an integrated information farming system that provides the latest in farming technology and data management. The entire production function of a farm benefits from precision farming’s method of capturing, storing and analyzing physical field records. Using innovative electronic guidance, precision agriculture helps increase crop yields by providing precise positioning for all equipment actions and chemical applications.
Precision agriculture conveniently combines some of the following:

  • Variable Rate technology
  • Guidance systems and satellite imagery
  • Yield monitoring and mapping
  • Site specific records and analyses

Read the Echelon Ag Precision VRT brochure to learn how precision farming can benefit your farm.

What Can You Expect From Precision Farming? 

By careful analysis of satellite imagery of your fields, we implement the five R’s to ensure that your fields garner their optimal quality and yield.

Right Source: using our variable rate technology, Precision VRT, we are able to strategically apply the right amount of fertilizer to very area of your crop based on its yield potential. This is determined using our unique high-resolution satellite imagery system – getting into the heart of your land.

Right Time: We look back through the last 20 years of field history taking into consideration factors such as: crop rotation, average yields, average organic matter, and target yields for the crops to be planted. Not only are seasonal considerations taken into account, but previous weather conditions, future forecasts and yearly trends are also considered.

Right Place: To develop your field map and create your prescription , some of the factors considered are: topography (slope position) and soil variability (soil texture, organic mater content, soil pH, depth of tip soil, soil nutrient levels, soil moisture status at the time of seeding). With your newly created Precision VRT prescription, you’ll be able to use technology that will automatically apply variable rates of fertilizer accurately over your changing landscapes.

Right Rate: Once your field map is developed, our Precision VRT technology will allow you to apply lower rates of fertilizers in less productive areas and a higher rate of fertilizer is applied in more productive areas.

Real Results: With over 300 field scale trials completed over the past 5 years and numerous satisfied customers, you’re left with more effective and efficient utilization of fertilizer application resulting in greater economic returns in your pocket. 

The best part? Our precision agriculture team is there for you, every step of the way.

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